Fashion Follies 1992 1

After a series of circumstances I no longer recall I was given the chance to take pictures to document a show, The Fashion Follies, benefiting some charity or another, and honoring a legendary, and old and sick, magazine editor, Leo Lerman.

Leo sat in a balcony with his pal, the great cartoonist Al Hirshfeld, as various troopers, at varied levels of talent and fame, pretended to serenade him. I was stuck in the center of the third or fourth row of a small Broadway theater and tried to make the best of things.

Funny enough, in researching the evening, I found a New York Times story from the day after that detailed the event. Byline: Bernadine Morris, it begins:

THE finale of Fashion Follies, sponsored by the Fashion Group on Tuesday night, showed just how big the distance is between Broadway and Seventh Avenue. In an evening of good will and chaos, the chaos had the upper hand.

In the tradition of fashion shows, the performance ended with wedding gowns. But here it was not a single dress, but more than 100 styles. They were presented one at a time, slowly, because the models were not ready. For many in the audience, who began trickling out before the show was over, it was 100 dresses too many.


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