Sortables 1

Early in 1985, an editor of that obscure travel magazine left to become features editor for the startup of American Elle magazine and contacted me to take pictures for its inaugural issue. She wanted street photos of stylish New York City men for a regular feature to be called Sortables, a French word meaning presentable, well turned-out.

For three or four beautiful late-Spring days, I drifted between SoHo, midtown, Central Park and the Upper East Side looking for likely candidates. I wanted locations in bright, open shade with a relatively uncluttered background, and used my Leica M3, with a handheld light meter, and mainly a 90mm lens. It was an absorbing and challenging assignment and the exposures, for all the stress, came out really well. The best ones were assembled in a collage across two pages. In the wake of this success, I was sent next to a nightclub to cover a preppy-heavy event hosted by the daughter of two scandal-wracked socialites.