Sortables 2

Of course, very few of these pictures are innately distinctive as photographs. But being, as it were, moments drawn from a beautiful day and busy night in New York City 31 years ago, they hold a formal beauty for me now, the outline of something we shared without realizing. Looking back, I see that I found Calvin Klein holding hands with his future wife Kelly, and Bruno Bettleheim, the great psychoanalyst and author, chatting with a friend on a Central Park bench. NBC newscaster John Chancellor takes a lunch hour walk near Rockefeller Center; not shown, because I was not quick enough, is Bob Dylan in black leather jacket and pants striding (right in front of me!) directly from a limo into a small building on Irving Place.

Sadly, a health crisis forced my editor friend to resign before the magazine’s third issue could be assembled. As successful as the work was, now missing an ally on the masthead, my association with Elle ended tout de suite.