1984 1

In late 1983 I purchased a Leica M3 rangefinder camera and began using it with three lenses, a 35mm, 50mm, and 90mm for most of the pictures seen here. I had embarked, but was still feeling my way. The main advantage to the M3 was its rugged design and how quietly the shutter worked. Its central drawback was how difficult it was to load. You needed to remove a plate at the bottom of the camera, draw out the take-up spool and thread the tip of about three inches of film leader into it. So connected, the film cartridge and spool then slid into their respective housings to, one hoped, hold and advance the film evenly. Rewinding the exposed film, by turning a small post between thumb and forefinger, was a chore. Further complicating matters was needing a hand-held light meter to judge correct exposures. In retrospect, these were undue burdens, I’d have been better off with a good, noisy Nikon, but I did learn to take pictures the old fashioned way.

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