1984 2

I was an assistant editor at an obscure travel magazine, which gave me the chance to visit Venice and edit its photography column before being asked to leave that Spring. I started freelancing shortly thereafter for two excellent publications, The Photo District News and Lens on Campus magazines. My main assignments were writing profiles of working photographers, and shooting their portraits to illustrate the pieces.

Those photographers are named here because they were first identified in print. My
personal subjects, all friends, remain semi-anonymous.

Reviewing the year’s work as a whole, I see that a certain exuberance of the year before is gone. While there’s a much better sense of specific subjects, the photos tend to be more deliberate. A self-conscious melancholy, dreamy and dislocated, informs the urban scenes. One might observe that the part of myself that felt most lost and lonely, the part hidden from conscious remedy, had the greater need to use the camera to find its way.