1985 1

I was busy in 1985. A working trip to Europe in Jan./Feb. and an assignment early that summer from American Elle had me well on my way somewhere.

There was also a trip to see friends in Tampa, Florida and catch a Mets spring training game; to Lynchberg, VA to visit other friends, and weddings where I was an unofficial photographer. I began photographing artists’ paintings, friends’ portraits, and to accompany articles on working photographers and art directors, named here when possible, I was writing for a couple magazines. Late that summer I moved from Chelsea, Manhattan to a large and dark loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where I thought I might have a studio.

I notice now that for all this, a lot of the photo work is less spontaneous. I was trying too hard, applying the camera to specific tasks for over-determined ends when I should have been more open to the moment, just looking. This sense of overdoing-and-thinking is, of course, a necessary phase; and I did get some nice pictures, but overall, it strikes me now, I missed a lot more.

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