1989 2

I used part of my severance pay to buy a Wista 4×5 field camera, which I took on the western trip, mainly shooting Polaroid T55 and color transparency film. The finer results of that work are collected here. Back in New York, I began using the Wista for portraits, and street work, and, employing that great Polaroid T55 material, began regular work for the old, downtown Details magazine, only just before Conde Nast got hold of it; pictures of the musician and record producer Fred Maher, who just made a record with Lou Reed, and the film actor Casey Siemaszko, then appearing opposite Burt Reynolds in a buddy crime comedy.

A lot came together this year while also coming apart. I spent about 18 months at Modern before it went away, and while I felt ready then to move on, and soon became a Contributing Editor at American PHOTO magazine, then getting off the ground. I spent a rewarding five years at PHOTO, but looking back now, my stint at Modern had a richness and fun, an intense period of discovery and accomplishment, with people who remain great friends, that I’ve never found since.