LFW, 1999 1

In February, 1999, by a mix of happenstance and the help of my friend, the great British social photographer Dafydd Jones, I gained a press pass to that season’s Fashion Week, and for five very busy days thereafter shuttled from event to event with my cheap Pentax SLR, prompting occasional scorn from other photographers, with no set assignment.

A lot of dedication and hard work goes into creating a line of clothing, and after that into the theatrical exhibition of it all to a jaded audience of buyers, critics and an insatiable, all-devouring media. What outsiders finally see, in magazines, online, and on TV, ignores most of the art and feeling, the sacrifice that goes into these elegant exhibitions in favor of the bankable needs of status and commerce. In this way something which can be pretty great is usually rendered into something sort of awful… (more)

Note: Pictures are in chronological order, detailed captions are given when known. 

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